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Libby Lam, aka “Lady Libby”, is a best-selling author and illustrator in Hong Kong who loves to tell stories through children’s books, comics and editorial illustrations.

Known for her unusual story plots and vibrant images, Libby wishes to inspire confidence and kindness in children through her storybooks - “Checklisted Beauty”, “My Best Friend Sunny”, “Crispy Children” and "Ten-Star Service".  She also has the great honour to dedicate two of these books to charitable organisations to help advance their causes.

Inspired by her prior training in psychology and corporate career, Libby’s stories explore how individuals are challenged by society at different fronts and how they could rise to their own strength. The pain and euphoria of motherhood she experiences also bring a vivid and intimate touch on her characters, making them more relatable to young readers.

To help promote children literacy and creative pursuits, Libby offers classes and speeches in education institutes, creative communities and literary festivals. 

Recently Libby has delved into comics creations and editorial illustrations, which she considers a viable outlet to share the office dramas she encountered in her prior career as a corporate executive.

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