A4 / Watercolor / Pencils / Bristol Paper

I had always wanted to write a story about prejudice and discrimination. A few years ago, my girl had come home telling me how a friend of hers was being discriminated against by her classmates due to her ethnicity, and how subtly she tried to include her in the friends' group during playtimes.

I felt sad when I heard this, as I have seen this happening in different aspects of life on each and every day. While the world has been progressing so well on the technological fronts, we are still plagued by the rampant discriminations and prejudice of all sorts, e.g. race, age, gender.


What's more disheartening is to see that we humans are becoming smarter in covering it up or repackaging it with a righteous cause, instead of admitting our fault and getting it corrected. Not to go on any further from here or I will prime you too much in interpreting this little comic story of mine.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness" (by Charles Dickens). May we keep our hope and faith in humanity, and may we protect them with all our might.

"Round Marbles" by Libby Lam
"Round Marbles" by Libby Lam
"Round Marbles" by Libby Lam
"Round Marbles" by Libby Lam

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